Whangarei White Crane Kung fu classes

Our teaching approach

For juniors

With juniors the aim is to introduce the student to the basic skills required to practice White Crane Kung fu.
Loosening exercises and basic stance and movement are introduced.
Punches, kicks, deflections and blocks are taught.
Partner drills are taught that focus on cooperation and the basic skills as a solid foundation for senior grades.
The main aim with juniors is to develop fitness, speed, agility and dedication to the art.
Juniors that show a special aptitude and skill set will be encouraged to join the senior classes.

For seniors

Seniors are required to repeat the junior's introductory exercises and drills. They are used as a form of warming up and loosening.
In addition to junior skills seniors are taught holds and locks. These are then combined with punches, strikes, and kicks in partner drills.
The focus is on teaching students the application of moves in real life situations. As a result there is a concentration on drills that emphasise movement and speed.
Forms are introduced as a means of teaching students to move in accordance with the principles of Kung fu.
Partner drills are taught that focus on counters to attacks and how to end a fight quickly with little, or no, harm to either partner.
Weapons forms, and application are taught. We teach stick, staff and sword.

For dedicated students

Those who are prepared to put additional effort into their art may wish to attend the Tai ji classes. Tai ji adds a dimenstion to Kung fu that makes it especially "sneaky".
Free form combat training is included for those who are able to cope with the requirements.
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Or contact one of us. Our approach is fairly informal. However, because Kung fu has potential use as a defence method, we do require that all students obey the teachers and follow instructions carefully.
Our grades are based on the satisfactory completion of a range of tasks and drills. There is no required time to achieve any grades. Rather students are graded when they are seen to be ready.