Whangarei Tai ji classes

Our teaching approach

For beginners

Beginners start with the 5 loosening exercises. These introduce students to fundamental principles of Tai ji and encourage the development of relaxation.
For the first few months most of the class consists of learning the loosening exercises and basic stance and movement.
The loosening exercises also help to develop increased leg strength and muscle control.
The second part of training sessions consist of forms practice. All beginners are taught the 37 pattern short form developed by Master Cheng Man-Ching. On average it takes about a year to 18 months to learn the sequence of this form.
After 6 months, to a year, beginners join the advanced class.

Senior Tai ji

Classes begin with up to half an hour of the loosening exercises. During this time the teacher will correct student's practice.
The 37 pattern short form is then performed.
Forms practice. This consists of introducng new positions to students who have not completed the form and "fine tuning" the practice of those who have.
Push hands practice is introduced. This consists of the 7 pushes and round arms pushing. These are the basic training sequences required for the student to learn sensitivity and using the full body structure to move.
After about 2 years students are introduced to the walking stick form.

Advanced Tai ji

Advanced students are taught GM Huang's 72 pattern form. This is a more applied form from the 37 pattern form.
If the teacher considers enough students are ready staff and sword forms are introduced.
Free form push hands is also introduced.
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